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The Ebenezer Society is the 6 full length dramatic script written by Arising Drama. This is the very first production of The Ebenezer Society by the Stone Haven Theatre Company in conjunction with the writers. Stone Haven Theatre Company presents many dramatic offerings throughout the year, written by church members and others, with bigger productions at Easter and Christmas. Due to the influence of Sherwood Baptist Church from Albany, Georgia (makers of the movies COURAGEOUS, FIREPROOF, FACING THE GIANTS and FLYWHEEL).
The ministry of The Ebenezer Society will continue long after the production this Christmas season as people lives are changed as a result of the story. The Cast and crew understand they are very important to sharing the message of the story and they have worked very hard to get the message out about the production. Ambassadors for the production have been talking to family, friends, neighbors, the delivery guys, co-workers, etc. and many more through word of mouth, print and internet advertising.
We think this effort will open up many more ministry opportunities for Stone Haven and we are waiting and working expecting to see God's glory at work.
The Stone Haven Theatre Company and Stone Haven Free Methodist Church in Troy, Michigan is a Bible based church that serves the community to provide a place to worship and learn from God's Word about His plan for our lives. Through the understanding of people's infinite curiosity about God and astonishing capacity to learn, Stone Haven Free Methodist Church provides a spiritually, intellectually and emotionally-rich environment that allows individuals to flourish and grow. Best of all, the non-judgmental environment blends music, drama, prayer and teachings in a fresh and wonderfully fun setting for every age and walk of life.

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